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Davangere, Karnataka


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Davangere, Karnataka

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Share by email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ sir my name is pavan i am studying M.B.A in an reputated college at davangere ,and i am traveling daily Chitradurga to Davangere and the pass contain 60kms distance and the pass ending distance is exactly at "Bada" cross which was at Davangere entrance...only your NWKRTC was not stopping buses there and because of student pass they are not allowing us to travel in bus (that too not luxury buses its just ordinary bus) by using student pass...some buses are allowing pass some buses are not allowing why it soo......if all buses are under single depot,, if u guide your bus conductors and drivers to give stop there so many students are happy with that .....if not we take media support and make strike about buses if we made like that your buses only get loss ....we are not doing like that because we are not uneducated but we know how to change if it is not possible by you....

Because why i am telling you means today i felt bad impression on your depot.....KA-26-F890 this bus on 4/12/2015 conductor talked roughly and kicked me evening from the buses at center road,, if i am having pass also if take action about him are not if you not i submit entire complaint to consumer court,Take action immediately all are saying stage is not there put stage on it.........

if you agree with this mail me
i am waiting for your reply mail:[email protected]

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