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Muzaffarpur, Bihar - Second Hand, Refurbished, Used phone sent to me, no proper customer service.

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Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Name: Khusvant Gulsan
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Share by email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ I ordered a Samsung Galaxy A7 from flipkart with order ID- OD103822106846876000 on 4th september 2015. The phone had some issue with its front camera and sensor and so I gave it to Samsung Authorised Service Centre in my locality named 'YES COMPU SERVICES'.

When I gave my phone for repairing they didnt checked the warranty status of the phone as I had given them the Invoice sent to me by flipkart and the accepted the phone for repairing.

A couple of days later I was called by the service centre executive that my phone was not in warranty as the purchase date of phone in their records was 28th march 2015.

I contacted flipkart and gave them the detals of warranty issue and they assured that they will take care of it and the issue will be resolved in couple of days.

After some days I was again called by the service centre and when I visited there, I was shocked to know that not only my phone was out of warranty, but according to there database, the phone was sold at 28th March 2015 and was sent to service centre for the first time before september 4th 2015, i.e. the date when I ordered the phone. Which meant that the phone sent to me after I placed the order was refurbished and a used one. However I had ordered a brand new piece.

When I contacted the flipkart people and updated abot the same they said that they will look into the matter.

A couple of days after they said that they will refund me my money back, and in return I will have to return th phone which was delivered.

And then I contacted service centre of the phone where they asked me to pay around rs 6000 as they had already repaired my phone.

Again I updated this to flipkrt person, again after a couple of days I got a call from them saying that in any case I will have to return them that phone, otherwise they wont refund the money.

I have a question, why I am asked to pay that 6000 to the service centre? What was my fault if flipkart themselves sent me the second hand refurbished and used phone ?

What was my fault if the warranty of phone was over 6 months back of actual date.

I am without mobile from past 25 days and one can understand how difficult it must be in these days of phones and laptops, but I dont think fipkart is even a bit serious about this issue, I have been calling them and mailing them continuosly but they donnt even acknowledge the mails and at calls they will just listen the full story and will give the same monotonous reply that a team of flipkart is looking in the matter and your issue will be resolved soon.

I am fed up of calling and sending them mails every day and I want them to close the issue asap, I have given them a deadline of 20th and if theya are not closing the issue with a satisfactory solution, I will have to go legal.

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