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Name: Aditya Malpani
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I am a respected citizen of India and live peacefully in Jaipur at Flat No 801 Madhav Vilas Apartment Madho Singh Circle Banipark Jaipur. On 29th of March 2018, my sister in law called me that some recovery agent is calling her and asking to deposit money in an personal loan account of Kotak Mahindra Bank (Acc No: CSG1467717) which was taken by her husband (Manish Goyal) in February 2007, please note that she was not married at that time (they married in 2010) and right now there is a divorce case filed in the honourable court for separation and she is not living with her husband since last 3 years.
To her astonishment nor she was aware of any such loan neither she has given any sort of guarantee to honour the loan as she was not there in the picture in 2007 (when the loan was taken). Now when she got a call on 29th march 2018 and the recovery agent was talking very annoyingly she asked me to interfere and tell that recovery agent to not use such language and stop threatening her as she is not at all aware and responsible for any kind of payment. When I called that recovery agent and asked him to stop threatening my sister in law, that fellow started using abusive language to me also, than I hung up the phone. I don’t know how he got hold of my family members number including my landline phone, my wife’s cell number, my business partners cell number etc (he must have got access to some database of Kotak Mahindra Bank) and he called everyone of them and misbehaved with my father, my business partner, and my wife. It’s been more than 3 days the guys is repeatedly calling to all my numbers and misbehaving with them, he in fact called at my wife’s office landline number and misbehaved with her also, please note that she is an Assistant Manager in IDBI Bank and due to year end closing pressure she was already very tensed and that scoundrel’s call added salt to the wound. Please note that following are the numbers from which I and my family members are getting calls.
1. 08743929662
2. 09711545628
3. 09711547703
4. 08743929974
I have the call recording of each and every call wherein you can assess the gravity of fowl words and abusive language the Guy is using, to resolve the issue I mailed the kotak helpline and got a very prompt response from Mr. Charmi (02262287055) and she said that they don’t deploy any collection agency and it’s their in house team which handles these cases (though there is a list of n number of agencies on Kotak’s Website). She assured me that she will look into the matter and since neither me nor any of my family members are related to this loan hence Kotak executives cannot call us and it’s against the process. But again all in vein and we are still receiving calls which has mentally disturbed my entire family in this yearend closing pressure. The Guy behind the phone is adamant that you and your family has to pay this loan or else we will harass your family, My wife is working at Dausa (Raj ) branch which is far away from Jaipur and we are so terrified that this bank agents can physically harm her.
Madam, please note that my PAN no is APDPM0409H and my DOB is 17 Feb 1984, you can check my CIBIL score I have never defaulted in any loan even for a single day and I am a honest taxpayer of India. I just wish to know that does Kotak Mahindra Bank have the right to deploy such ill mannered agencies or employees and why they are disturbing me and my family. I know they will deny for any such incident because all these numbers are registered in some third party name but I have the call recordings and the loan account number provided by their recovery agent.
Madam, I have also served IDBI Bank Ltd for more than 5 years in recovery department only, but we never use such kind of language or methods to disturb anyone to repay anyone else’s loan. Request you to kindly interfere in this matter and immediately take action to save us from such bad institution and its ill mannered and life threatening employees, I request Kotak bank also to take responsibility and terminate any such employees or agencies who are diluting there brand as I personally feel that it’s a good bank in good hand but such incidents will definitely lead to bad word of mouth.

Yours Faithfully
Aditya Malpani

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